Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool

This is a cool-looking way to carry paracord. Not only does it provide easy access, but the carabiner and spool gives some mass, so this makes a great throwing line for hanging a bear bag, pitching an overhead tarp, or for boating.

Stormdrane inspired this design. He used a piece of PVC sawed in half, then he used a zigzag spooling technique to keep the paracord from falling off. I couldn't master that technique. Mine looked ugly, fell off the sides, and jammed up the otherwise free-turning spool.

After trying to think of ways to put ends on the PVC, I had a vision-- use the PVC itself as the spool ends.

Step 1: Materials

  • 4.5" of 1/2" diameter PVC Pipe
  • Oval climbing carabiner (full size)
  • Candle
  • Dremel tool, hacksaw, or other means to cut pvc.
  • Two flat things to use as a press
  • Duct tape
  • 20-50' of paracord

    Step 2: Procedure

    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
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    Cut and mark your PVC as shown in the picture.

    Now cut your PVC in half lengthwise with two long cuts on opposite sides. A vice can help. Cut patiently.

    Make a slit in each of the four ends, to the depth of the marks we made.

    Light the candle, and very gently and slowly, like a marshmallow that you do NOT want to catch on fire, roast one of the four ends for about 10 seconds, turning constantly about 2" from the flame.

    Mash the end down on one of your flat surfaces, so that the two pieces splay outward, and place a second flat surface atop it, and press them together for 30 sec while the PVC cools. Do this three more times, so both ends of both pieces are done.

    Using the dremel or snips, diagonally clip off the square corners of the spool flanges. This will make them less sharp, and more likely to slip by if they should hit the carabiner.

    Assemble the two pieces around the bar of the carabiner. Use the duct tape to hold them together. Add more duct tape if you want to also store a few feet of duct tape.

    Step 3: Adding cord

    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool
    Paracord Carabiner PVC Spool

    Now we're ready for paracord. I like to tie it on, in case you are using this as a throwing line near water. I used a clove hitch for that, pictured. You can go to Grog's Animated Knots if you need to learn how. Shove the clove hitch to one side, and start winding from side to side.

    When you reach the end, you will need to tie the cord to itself, or it will tend to unroll. The way I did it was to tie it to the previous wrap of line with an overhand knot.

    I don't know the max it can hold, maybe 50 feet. Be advised that the gate becomes more and more restricted as you add more cord, so you may need to clip it to the object before you wind it.



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