How to Make an Aluminum Can Stove
How to Make an Aluminum Can Stove
How to Make an Aluminum Can Stove

I show how to make a very simple alcohol burning soda can stove. This stove works well for boiling water and can be made with common materials that you probably already have. The great thing about aluminum can stoves is that many modifications can be made to make them even better. For example you can add a metal tape for high temperatures at the joint of the two cans. I have also seen many different designs but I will be showing how to make the basic design.

Step 1: Materials

-two aluminum cans

-Box cutter/Scissors


-Nail (Or something to poke small holes with)

-A coin

-Alcohol or fuel

-Ruler or measuring tape

Step 2: Watch the video

It can be made with two cans, something to make small holes with like a nail and some alcohol or fuel. The bottoms of the cans are cut at a desired height and holes are made on one of the pieces. The two cans are then put together and some heat resistant sealant can be used on the joint to ensure no leaks. Fuel is then added into the top which will drain down the holes in the center. Ignite the top and let the can stove heat up and ignite the side, flames should start to come out of the holes in the top.


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