Cardboard cat bed scratcher
This is all about using old cardboard packaging for some good

Step 1: Safety first.

To make this scratcher a cutting implement is require and cardboard can give a nasty paper cut so be aware and keep yourself safe.

Step 2: Choose a shape.

Cardboard cat bed scratcher
I used the cardboard box to set the length and height I needed and drew a freehand curve and cut it out.

Step 3: Marking out.

Cardboard cat bed scratcher
From my template I marked out the rest of my cardboard sheets. I chose to use two shapes rather than a single shape so my cats have a choice.

Step 4: Cutting time.

Cardboard cat bed scratcher
Once marked out get cutting I used a bread knife as it can saw through the cardboard.

Step 5: Fill it up.

Cardboard cat bed scratcher
I then stacked the shaped cardboard in from each side and used some more parts of the packaging to hold it all tight and separate the two forms.

Step 6: Finished.

Cardboard cat bed scratcher
Just left for the cats to enjoy I left the shapes fairly rough as it is meant to be scratched at.

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