Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

What is that? You have a bunch of friends coming over and no drinking glasses? Do you have any sodas or beer? Assuming you do not realize your friends can drink straight from those, lets make you a new glass.

Be warned, this is not a strong glass. It is a cool glass though :D

Step 1: What You Will Need

Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

Item you will need

1 Can (any size, any type, whatever makes you feel good at night)
1 Can Opener (the cutting wheel gear type as shown in the picture)

Time Required: 1 minute + however long it takes to enjoy your beverage

Step 2: Empty the Can

Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

Drink your beverage.

Feel free to pour it in a second container so you can enjoy it while making your glass.

Side note related to beer: Craft beer is moving toward cans as a way to better protect the beer from oxygen and sunlight. The problem is you still need to pour the beer into a glass to really appreciate the aromas that come with your sudsy beverage. If you are camping or just without proper glassware, try just opening the can and taking a large sip then removing the top as described below. That way you turn the can into a glass thus opening a path for your nose to smell the beer without having to bring extra glassware. When you are done, just recycle the can as you would have before. As always, be careful to watch for potential sharp edges.

Step 3: Clamp Down and Start Cutting

Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)
Lets cut the top off!!! Be careful not to mess up!
  • Attach your can opener with the blade coming down from above and the rotating gear on the outer edge of the top lip
  • Squeeze the handle
  • Start cutting!

    Don't stop cutting till you reach the end. Trust me, it is totally worth the effort.

    Step 4: Finish Cutting

    Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

    Don't stop cutting until you get to the end. That point should look somewhat like this.

    Be careful not to cut yourself, the edges can be sharp!

    Step 5: Optional: Remove the Stuff that Fell Inside

    Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)
    Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

    Either you pulled the top off as you finished cutting it or it fell in… Assuming you are the latter (as seen in the image) then you should turn it upside down and remove the insides. If you have not done so, clean out the insides with some water now.

    You might not have needed an explanation for this, but I included it just in case it was not obvious.

    Step 6: Good Job!

    Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

    Good thing you finished, that previous glass is dirty already!

    Step 7: Try Out Your New Glass

    Turn Your Can into a Drinking Can (Glass)

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