Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

Being someone who takes the "Commonplace Book" very seriously, I use a lot of notebooks. So, I make most of my notebooks myself using extra pages from old notebooks or from A4 size ruled sheets I buy.

Here's how I make these DIY Pocket notebooks.

You will need,

  • A4 sized sheets of paper - 15
  • A stapler
  • An eraser.
  • Paper of your choice for the notebook cover.

    Step 1: Cut the paper

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    1. Take the A4 sized sheets of paper and cut them into half across it horizontal axis.

    2. Cut the paper / card for the notebook cover with the same size as the papers we cut.

    Step 2: Fold to make the notebook

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    3. Tightly fold the cut sheets and the cover into halves .

    Step 3: Stack & Secure

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    4. Stack all folded sheets and the cover together along the fold.

    5. Align the stack and secure them with binder clips.

    Step 4: Staple

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    6. Flip the stack and place it with the cover facing up. Mark the 2 places where you want to to staple the note books (approx 2 cm from the top and bottom of the spine.)

    7. Place an eraser below the notebook exactly where you want your 1st staple to go.

    8. Open the jaw of the stapler, staple onto the marked location on cover as if you were stapling something onto a notice board (like this). Now, your staple would have gone through the cover and the pages to the eraser.

    Step 5: Fold the pin

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    9. Turn the notebook around, remove the eraser from the pin and fold in the stapler pin.

    10. Repeat steps 7, 8 & 9 on the second staple location as well.

    Step 6: Finish

    Super Quick DIY Pocket Notebook

    11. Remove the binder clips, fold the notebook along its spine and place some weight on the book overnight so that notebook will stay closed.

    12. Write away!

    Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)

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    Step 7:


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