Simple Holiday Decoration
This little decoration is a super simple way to add a bit of holiday cheer to any space - on it's own or in multiples. They can also be used as 'living' holiday cards. Take them to holiday parties and leave them in sneaky places, like on the mirror in the bathroom or above the dog bowl. It will be a fun surprise for the hosts.

The best thing about this tiny, good smelling project is that fresh rosemary is available in most grocery stores!

Step 1: What you'll need

- one bunch of fresh rosemary sprigs
- a fun, solid color of washi masking tape (available at most art supply stores)
- scissors
- a fine tipped sharpie pen

Step 2: Cut Your Message Banner

Simple Holiday Decoration
Simple Holiday Decoration
Use your scissors to cut a little 'banner' notch out of the end of your tape.
Cut the piece to be about 6" long and notch the other end as well.

Step 3: Wax Poetic

Simple Holiday Decoration
Write a nice holiday message.

Step 4: Spread Cheer

Simple Holiday Decoration
Tack these little guys anywhere and everywhere! The washi tape will not pull up wall paint, so you can literally put them wherever you'd like. Except maybe ON the dog...

*washi tape sticks best to smooth, non fuzzy surfaces

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