Paper Snowflakes
These are soooooooo cute and not to mention fun to make!!!! Here's what you'll need:

-a pencil
-a circular object

Yep that's it!!!! Hope u enjoy

Step 1: Tracing And Cutting

Paper Snowflakes
Simply trace a circle onto your piece of paper and then cut it out!!!!

Step 2: Folding

Paper Snowflakes
Fold it in half 4 times :)

Step 3: And More Cutting

Paper Snowflakes
Cut different shapes out of the paper!!!

Step 4: Unfold

Paper Snowflakes
Unfold it... And take a look at your masterpiece!!

Step 5: Finishing

Paper Snowflakes
If u want to, u can add tissue paper to your snowflake or even add glitter!!!
Make more so u can hang them from your doorway for an awesome decoration!!!

Thx for looking at my first tutorial! There will be many more to come!

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