Making gravy

Gravy is so easy to make and inexpensive sauce for a lot of dishes. It probably was made most famous from being the usual topping for chicken fried steak.

Step 1: Get the oils.

Making gravy
Making gravy

Take several slices of bacon or other meat that will make grease when you fry it.

Fry the meat, but keep the stove on. (substitution: take solidified fat, lard, or butter)

Remove the meat (if you did not use the fat or butter) and put on some paper towels.

Remove all the oil except for about a tablespoon and a half.

Step 2: Add the flour.

Making gravy
Making gravy

Add about a tablespoon and a half of flour. mix well with a heat proof whisk. till it is light brown

Step 3:

Making gravy
Making gravy

Add a cup or so of milk.
Stir till you get a nice thick brown slurry. Add a little black pepper and mix it in.

Note: For a lighter more traditional gravy, use chicken stock, beef stock, vegetable stock, or even just water instead of milk.

Step 4: Looking good.

Making gravy

Pour the mixture on the biscuits. (You can use toast also just as well.)
Crumple the fried bacon on top. (if you fried the bacon)

Eat and you are in high heaven.

Step 5: Mac and cheese

Making gravy

One plus to this is that you are two steps away from having macaroni
and cheese. add your favorite cheese (and seasonings) to the gravy mix and then mix in with some boiled and drained noodles. That easy


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