I made it at Techshop (techshop.ws)

Card weaving can be done with many kinds of "cards". I've only used playing cards so far, but they always wear around the holes. I figured wooden ones would work better. I also wanted to make 6 sided cards to try.

Step 1:

Making "cards" for weaving
Started with a very thin wooden board bought at the local craft store.

Step 2:

Making "cards" for weaving
Created and uploaded the file. (I don't know how to add files or make them available so if you let me know I'll send you the file)

I had some square ones on there too.

Step 3:

Making "cards" for weaving
settings for the laser.

Step 4:

Making "cards" for weaving
Making "cards" for weaving
Print the cards. (I used inside out on vector settings so the cards wouldn't move around while the small holes were being cut out)

Step 5:

Making "cards" for weaving
The cards came out without a hitch. However those little circles were the same size as the holes in the table and a few were not easy to get out while cleaning.

Step 6:

Making "cards" for weaving
I don't think I will need to sand the edges. (But I might just so I don't catch the yarn) I'm going to maybe put a little light stain and maybe a clear to finish them off.

Now I just have to figure out how to weave with them.......Anyone know any good instructables for that????

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