Making a reptile harness
In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a reptile harness. I am using a bearded dragon for this one, but it applies to all reptiles.

Step 1: Needed Items

The items you will need are:
-Relatively thick fabric, depending on the reptile thinner or thicker should be used
-String with bead that tightens(If anyone knows a name, please comment)

Step 2: Template

Making a reptile harness
Get a template that fits your reptile from here:
Cut it out and pin it to your fabric

Step 3: Cutting

Making a reptile harness
Cut the fabric, optionally make a t-shirt shape as shown for added support and comfort

Step 4: Arm holes

Making a reptile harness
Mark the arm holes with preferably a fabric pen, I didn't have one so I used orange crayon

Step 5: Cutting the arm holes

Making a reptile harness
Making a reptile harness
Cut the arm holes out, you can start them by folding the fabric and cutting a small slit as shown

Step 6:

Making a reptile harness
Create a small slit on both sides for the string to go through using the same method as the arm holes, just smaller

Step 7:

Making a reptile harness
Put the string through one end and tie it

Step 8:

Making a reptile harness
Put the harness on your reptile and then put the string through the other hole and use the bead to tighten.
Rejoice, your reptile will now be trying to figure out why it cannot simply run away

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