Make your own Deodorant
Buy a Bottle of odor free Antibacterial disinfectant.. Any cheap brand will do ( Dr Johnsons ) is a good brand that will not cost much.

Step 1: Measuring Jug

Make your own Deodorant
What you will do next is obtain a measuring Jug ( Optional ).

Step 2: Dettol

Make your own Deodorant
Next buy a cheap bottle of Dettol Liquid antiseptic disinfectant..

Step 3: Mixing the disinfectant

Make your own Deodorant
Put all the odor free antibacterial disinfectant into the Jug. Then measure out only a quarter of the bottle of Dettol into the same jug and mix together.

The Odor free antibacterial disinfectant will neutralize the Dettol smell, so that it will be scent free.

Step 4: Under arm spray bottle

Make your own Deodorant
Put all the mixed contents of Liquid from the Jug, into an empty spray bottle. The spray bottle is now ready to be used under your arm pits.

But make sure you have washed off all the sweat from under your armpits with soap and water first, before you spray. It should keep you dry for a number of days. If you get too dry, it might cause discomfort. Try to reduce the number of spays under your arm.

Step 5: Health Problems from Existing Deoderants

Make your own Deodorant
Health Problems Are :

Aluminum causing Breast Cancer
Inhaling Chemicals
Allergic Skin reactions
Asthma and breathing difficulties
Fatal Heart Problems

and the list goes on.

The only alternative is to make your own with my instructable for health reasons. If you spray 5 times under each armpit, it will give you very effective protection from odor . You will have none of the problems you get with existing commercial deodorants you buy today at over inflated prices, that last only a week.

You want something that will last months and is not fatal to your health.

Step 6: Chloroxylenol or Dettol is Safe

The PDF File shows a report that Chloroxylenol or Dettol is a safe cosmetic ingredient to use on living tissue and causes no harm to the body. If it did they would withdraw Dettol off the market.
Make your own Deodorant
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