How to Make String Ornaments
How to Make String Ornaments
How to Make String Ornaments

I show how to make a ball made of string that can be used as a Christmas ornament or decoration. The materials are fairly common and are white glue, string, small plastic container, and balloons. The balloon is used to make the shape of the ball. Water balloons make a better circle then regular balloons but that was all I had. It is not difficult to make but it does require patients. You can make it from almost any kind of string except synthetic string like nylon; I find that cotton string works best. The color and texture can be whatever combination you want. A small light can be put inside the ornament to make a sphere of illumination that looks interesting with the gaps in the string. If you want to make it larger it can become a chandelier or lampshade.

Step 1: Materials


-white glue



-A needle

-Small plastic container

Step 2: Watch the video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)


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