How to make plastic?
Alchemists in the past were fascinated by making new substances just like chemists are today. Here is a simple experiment in which you can make a plastic from milk and vinegar. Follow the steps and record your observation as you go along.

Step 1:

How to make plastic?
1- Measure out 300 ml of milk into a beaker or a measuring cup and warm it carefully. The milk should not get so hot that it boils.

Step 2:

How to make plastic?
2-Add 15 ml of vinegar to the milk and stir the two liquids together.

Step 3:

3-Leave the mixture to cool for 15 minutes.

Step 4:

How to make plastic?
4-Place a kitchen sieve or filter paper over a second beaker and pour the mixture into the sieve.

Step 5:

5-Squeeze any solid substance in the sieve or the filter paper to remove more liquid.

Step 6:

How to make plastic?
6-Tip the solid in the sieve or the filter paper onto a paper towel.

Step 7:

Examine the substance two hours later, a day later and two days later.

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