How to make out
If you are not amongst the estimated one-percent of people that are completely asexual, then chances are you would like to have sex. Unfortunately, not everyone who would like to have sex can do so. There are many factors prohibiting an individual from having sex, including, but not limited to: unwilling partners, religious convictions, immaturity, impotence and a lack of funds. If you are an individual that cannot have sex for whatever reason, then it is fair to say that you need some other form of sexual relief.

Making out is not only a great alternative to sexual intercourse, but can provide practice and familiarity that will prepare both you and your partner for the big deed.

What follows are practical instructions for making out. They cannot possibly be the definitive instructions for doing so since "making out" differs throughout history and cultures as well as from person to person (individual differences in the definition of the term are vast and wide). Not to mention, I am by no means a making out expert. However, I promise that I will try to do my very best.

WARNING: This Instructable may contain material or imagery that may be considered objectionable by small children and adults ashamed of their own sexuality.

Step 1: What is making out?

How to make out
Making out has been defined as such:

make out - kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion;

What this means, in short, is that making out is to engage in sexual relations without going so far as to actually engage in sexual intercourse.

Step 2: Now what?

How to make out
Before you can start making out, you need to find someone else to make out with.

This may be the hardest and most confusing part of making out. Most people give up here, but it is important to avoid that temptation. The trick is to be persistent and confident. Do not be afraid to share your feelings of love with your prospective make out partner. If they do not share the same passion, don't fret; move on to someone else.

In the past I've found people to make out with at school, on Craigslist and in China. You can also find people to make out with at work, through friends and using social networking sites like Myspace. Actually, you can find someone to make out with just about anywhere if you look hard enough and stay focused.

It is important to remember that familiarity breeds passion. Individuals that you get to know on a day-to-day basis are ideal candidates for making out with since you have time to build stronger feelings of love towards them.

Note: It would be difficult to make out with oneself. An individual usually lacks the necessary strong sexual passion for him or herself that making out demands. In addition, the physical logistics of making out with oneself usually prove troublesome and confusing.

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Step 3: And then, what do I do?

How to make out
If you're reading this far, you must have completed Step 2 and found someone to make out with. Good for you!

There is one more thing that you must do before you can start making out. You have to set the mood. It doesn't have to be too romantic and doing things such as lighting candles, putting out flowers or playing romantic music may make the situation tense or awkward for your partner.

So... RELAX! Find somewhere comfortable and private where neither person will feel pressured and you have some time to talk and become comfortable first. For example, the beer soaked couch in the middle of a party or the crowded bleachers at a hockey game are bad examples of places where you could make out.

Rather, making out should happen in bedrooms, deserted parks or parked cars. Just make sure it is not forced or overly-planned. It should happen naturally for best effect.

Dr. Girlfriend disagrees:
Making out is a spontaneous process. It can (and should!) happen just about anywhere, provided you and/or your partner feel unabashedly amorous at a particular moment. The above locations were mere examples, not constraints. Should you feel the urge to make out with a complete stranger sitting three seats over on a packed 18-hour flight to Ahmedabad, let neither stewardess nor the protests of the family with the screaming infant seated between you tear the two of you asunder. Splay over laps. Press up against store windows. Bump into passersby. Heck, create a crowd of gawking onlookers. This is your moment, your time. Thrust that tongue into it with joyous abandon. To hell with the world--you're making out!

As you can see, where, when and how one makes out is based on an individual's own preferences and comfort level. Always remember to be aware of your partner's--and your own.

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Step 4: Flirting

How to make out
Now that you and your prospective makeout partner are somewhere comfortable, the goal is to actually make them comfortable. Make a joke. Poke their nose. Lighten the mood. Say something profound. Flick your hair wistfully. Take pictures with a fake taxidermy owl in an antique photo booth.

In short, flirt with them. The goal is to seem as appealing as possible to your partner.

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Step 5: Making your move

How to make out
Okay, now is the time to make your move. STOP! Breathe... in.... out... in.... out....

Alright, be calm.

Start by getting close. It may be as simple as putting a hand on the leg of your make out partner or by leaning your head against his/her shoulder. If you want to be a little more daring you could put your arm around them or give them a hug.

Stay like this for a little while. Gauge their reaction to your advance by observing positive body language such as their body shifting into your embrace, a smiling expression or a high-level of comfort. If such reciprocation happens, then you're golden. If you instead observe negative body language such as an extreme nervous expression or a withdrawal from your embrace, you may want to either give them more time or dump them and go back to Step 1.

Once you are comfortable that they are receptive to your touch, lean in for a kiss. Don't be too forceful or stay in for too long. Just give your partner a little peck on the lips and retract an inch or two and wait a moment to see if they respond equally with a kiss. If they don't, try again a second time. If they still don't, this may not be your day. However, if they do, then you're all set to really commence the making out.

Dr. Girlfriend suggests:
If you're truly bold and you know such a move would be well within the scope of your partner's comfort level, go for an ass cheek. Remember: the type of "opening move" you make should not be based just on impulse, but also on your knowledge of your partner's boundaries and preferences, as well as his/her immediate responses to the situation and surroundings. In short, be mindful.

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Step 6: Kissy Kissy

How to make out
Kissing is more about passion, instinct and practice than technique.

Helpful pointers:
-Keep your eyes closed (it's rude, and you may find it distracting)
-Breathe (or you'll die)
-Don't be too overbearing (or your partner will withdraw)
-Enjoy (if you're not, stop)
-Experiment (try kissing his/her neck or sucking on an earlobe)

If you are still very concerned about technique, Noah is more than happy to show you How to kiss. He sure did show me.

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Step 7: How to make out video

Step 8: Cuddle and communicate

How to make out
After sharing such an intimate bond with your partner, it helps to take some time to cuddle and wind-down together. This is equally as important as all of those other more physical things you do, especially if you are trying to establish a long-term relationship.

Also, a bit of parting advice... Remember to keep an open dialogue with your partner about making out, even if it makes you uncomfortable to do so. They key to any relationship is communication. Be sure to let your partner know what you do or do not like and, equally important, to take the time to listen to them.

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