How to Make a Stuffed Animal
Making a stuffed animal AKA plush toy or "plushie" is not as difficult or expensive as it appears. In this Instructable I will take you through the process of how I made a stuffed Ewok from Star Wars for my girlfriend.

The story behind this is that my girlfriend and I were talking about Star Wars and she brought up that she thought the Ewoks were really cute, so, half jokingly I said, "Awsome, I'll make you a stuffed one". Then she got all excited and stuff and I figured it couldn't hurt to learn to sew so I made her one.

Please read all directions before beginning your project!

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WARNING! You may prick yourself with a needle during this project! I'm not liable for anything you do with this information.I apologize for probably not having nearly enough pictures.

Step 1: Materials and Skills

How to Make a Stuffed Animal
You'll need the following things to make your very own stuffed animal to love!
  • Fake fur fabric, available at craft stores
  • Polyester animal stuffing, also at craft stores
  • Sewing materials
  • Some paint
  • Plexiglass or other easily worked plastic
  • Things for accessories, mine included a dowel rod and a T shirt.
  • The ability to sew
  • Having never sewed before in my life, I had to learn. All I did was about 5 minutes of research and I was good to go. Here's what I read: These videos are kind of long, but helpful.

    Step 2: Beginning Your Buddy

    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
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    - What I did first was lay out my fabric to see how big I could make the Ewok. - I divided the fabric in half by folding the fabric in two and tracing the fold line. - Then I drew out, on the non-fuzzy side of the fabric, what I thought I wanted him to look like based on pictures I had Googled up earlier. You should stay on only one half of the fabric. It is important that you leave about half an inch of space around where you want the edge of your plushie to be. - Cut out the form you just drew. - Trace the form you just cut out onto the other side of the fabric. - Cut out the traced section. - Pin the halves together so that the fuzzy sides, or the sides you want showing in the end, are facing each other.Look at the pictures! They're there for a reason!

    Step 3: Sewing Up Your Buddy

    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    - This is easy. Just sew the sides together along the edge of the pieces. Doing the arms and legs first is probably a good idea because they were the thinest on mine.
    - Work your way up to the head and sew both ears together.
    - Then flip it inside out and fill with stuffing to your liking.
    - Then sew the top of the head together as cleanly as you can, as this will be visible on the outside of the plushie.

    - All done!

    Step 4: Making the Face

    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    To make the ewok's face I used plexiglass about 1/8" thick and my dremel. - There's not much to describe; I just cut out circles and a mouth-like shape and used the cutting disks, and a few sanding bits to shape them into good looking shapes. - I then used a lighter to go over the pieces before painting which made them darker and a little burned but got rid of any roughness very well. - Then I painted the pieces brown with probably 8 coats or so just because the acrylics I bought wouldn't stay on - I finally clear-coated them for some shine and painted a black pupil in the middle of each eye. - I then moved the fur out of the way and cut a little out so that the fabric it is attached to is exposed and hot glued the pieces into place.I really do apologize for the disgusting pictures

    Step 5: Accessories!

    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    How to Make a Stuffed Animal
    So now your Ewok has a face and that's awesome but I spiced mine up a little bit more.
    - I cut a jagged piece of clothe from the big t-shirt I had and cut a hole for the face, ears, and one arm.
    - I sewed it together as one end leaving the stitches visible. You don't have to be precise at all with this as the pictures of Ewoks showed the hat-thing we're making as rough and worn.

    - For the spear I cut a small piece of a dowel rod and took some chunks out of it just so that it would be less uniform and more jungle-like.
    - Paint the dowel you chopped up brown, but you can be lazy with the paint here because it just has to look wooden.
    - I made a point for the spear out of plexiglass using the same method as before, and painted it silver, and hot glued it to the dowel.
    - I then hot glued a piece of black yarn to the dowel beneath the plexiglass point and coiled it up to hide the dowel-plexiglass joint and hot glued it in place.
    - I then pushed back some fur on his hand and hot glued a small piece of black yarn there so that he could hold the spear. It really isn't noticeable, I tried to show it to you in the pictures.

    Step 6: You're done!

    Now you're done! Give it to your kids or your special girl!

    My girlfriend loved it for the first 10 seconds and then thought it was a little creepy : )

    Please vote in the Singer Kids Crafts Contest!

    If you'd like me to make you an Ewok or any other hand made plushie PM me and we'll work something out! Thanks!

    Thanks for reading! Please Comment! : )

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