How To Make A Solar Oven
Many people rely on electricity or gas, but have you ever thought about using the power of the sun to cook?
-Here is a green, eco-friendly idea.

Step 1:

How To Make A Solar Oven
How to...
-Cardboard box (any kind will do)
-Plastic wrap
-Aluminum foil

Step 2:

How To Make A Solar Oven
How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 1...
-Cut an opening on your box.
-Fold the flap back.

Step 3:

How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 2...
Insert a piece of aluminum foil and place it on the bottom of your box.
(This will help to quickly heat your oven.)

Step 4:

How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 3...
Wrap the flap of your box with aluminum foil.
( This will reflect sunlight into your oven.)

Step 5:

How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 4...
Tape a piece of plastic wrap tightly over the opening you cut.
(This will trap the heat in your oven.)

Step 6:

How To Make A Solar Oven
How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 5...
Now it is time to cook!
-Open the top of your box to put food in your oven.
-Position it outside facing the sun.
-Wait for your food to cook.

Step 7:

How To Make A Solar Oven
Step 6...
Remove your food from oven and enjoy!

Step 8:

How To Make A Solar Oven
What I learned...
1.) I made a solar oven that makes cooking easy and Eco-friendly for everyone. It is very simple and only uses a recycled box, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, scissors, and tape.
2.) I have always wanted to do something that would benefit the environment. I love recycling and believe there is a huge realm of possibility in the use of solar power. Therefore, I worked on my own and created this project.
3.) I made my solar oven at home. However, I also made another at camp when I shared my idea with several campers.
4.) At first I struggled with finding how to insert the food after I taped the plastic wrap over my Opening. I learned on my second build to leave the pre-made opening on the top of the box uncovered because it works great as an oven door. I am very proud of my unique idea and want to share it with others. It is fun, Eco-friendly, cool, and creates tasty treats!

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