How to Make a Magnetic Tray

This is a simple and easy way to make a magnetic tray on the cheap.

You can use this for any garage or workshop to help prevent the loss of nuts and bolts during repairs.

Thanks to the magnet taken out of an old speaker, you can attach the tray vertical, upside down on any steel frame.

Step 1: Watch the video

Watch the video and see how easy it is to make this project.

Step 2: Gather the material

How to Make a Magnetic Tray

You will need for this project:

- Magnet ( taken out from an old speaker )

- Silicone Tray ( easier to clean )

- Duct tape ( to avoid scratching any surface )

- Hot glue gun ( and glue sticks also )

Step 3: Get started

Assemble all the parts, you can follow the video step by step.

Step 4: -

How to Make a Magnetic Tray

Tell me on the comments below what applications you will use this for.

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Thanks for reading You're still here, go and make this project!


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