How to make a last-minute gift

So, it's Christmas Eve, and you haven't even thought about what to get your girlfriend, or your wife, or whoever else. Fear not, for I have braved the craft store world to bring you an instructable about a "homemade" gift that anyone will love. This gift can scale from $10 to as high as you want it to go, so get at it!

Step 1: Get your guns!

How to make a last-minute gift

To make anything, you need supplies... here's what you'll need for this one.

small basket $5
fabric remnants $1.50
stuffed animal $7
gift card $10 and up

*bonus - spray-on snow (it doesn't snow much here)

Now see, that wasn't hard, was it? Getting the supplies is the longest part of the process.

Step 2: Pack that piece!

How to make a last-minute gift

Now all you have to do is arrange the fabric pieces in the basic in a visually appealing way. Here's where you can get really creative and make it original. I used green and red for Christmas, but any colors could conceivably work. I decided to use fabric because it was different, but you could also use streamers, yarn, or the grass from Easter baskets. Just make sure it looks good.

I put white down first as a lining and then put the other two in.

*extra credit - staple or glue the edges of the lining to the basket.

Step 3: Top it off

How to make a last-minute gift

Now all you have to do is put the actual gift in the basket. Anything could work, but a stuffed animal was the first thing that caught my eye. If you use a gift card, make sure it is visible beside or in front of the other gift. All you have to do now is label it and gift it (I'm not too good with wrapping).

Now hurry, you've only got a few more hours!

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