Easy address book / notepad
This isn't just another stapled/clipped together notebook, it dosen't need binding material, you make it with the folds. It's a notepad or address book, or just whatever. It opens all four ways and gives you 32 different spaces to write on.

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Step 1: Your inventory

Easy address book / notepad
This is instructable probably going to be really drawn out. Deal with it.

What you need:

- Paper. computer paper works good. But dont get but about two to three inches more than that if you want to put this in your pocket. Pockets are cool.

- Scissors (or just lick and rip the creases)

- Fingers

Step 2: Folds

Easy address book / notepad
Alright, going back to elementary terms, because I don't know how else to put it.

Again, computer paper works good, and the bigger the paper, the bigger the writing surface. duh.

Fold it in half hot dog style, then hot dog again.

Unfold it.

Fold it in half hamburger style, then again.

Unfold it.

Step 3: Cuts

Easy address book / notepad
Now it starts getting kinda tricky. But not really.

Cut it into a square spiral along the folds.

The picture below describes it really good of how to cut it.

Step 4: More Folds

Easy address book / notepad
This is the trickist part of the instructable. It's not that hard.Fold it as following:over under, over under.All the way through.Hit the play.I had to scare my cat off halfway though the video.

Step 5: Fin

Easy address book / notepad
Alright, you're finished and have nifty little notepad! It opens all four ways and is pretty darn cool. Have fun and go show off your paper folding skills to all of your friends. Or just your mom.Hit the play.please don't forget to rate! It's one click away!

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