Valentine's Day is just 1 day away and what is a better way to show someone you love them by sending them a Valentine's Day gift, card, flowers, or box of chocolate. Valentine's Day is often regarded as a commercial holiday with one purpose, spending money, but really who cares what day someone does something selfless to put a smile on another person's face? Valentine's Day is especially important inside families. Although kids might not have the funds to buy mommy some jewelry or red roses they can still give mom and incredible gift! A gift basket from somewhere like personal creations or amazon is a great way to get a multitude of gifts at a reasonable price. Other kids can go the DIY route and make their own or customize the basket of the choice!

Step 1: Printables

Building The Perfect Valentine's Day Basket For Mommy
The reality today is that more kids know how to use the computer than many of the adults around them. For that reason one great idea kids can do to show mom their love is to go on sites like Spoonful and find some fun Valentine’s Day printables they can personalize. A few cute ideas might be:

· Double heart Valentine Picture frame.

· Valentine’s Day Card kit stickers.

· Valentine’s Day cards you can print and color.

· Calendar where you can put activities for your mom’s special day.

Step 2: Sweetheart Jars

Building The Perfect Valentine's Day Basket For Mommy
Family Crafts online has a unique idea for kids who want to make a personalized gift for a sibling or parent. A Sweetheart Jar can be made from an empty baby food jar, Mason jar, or any other small glass jar that you don’t need anymore. The steps are:

· Clean and dry the jar.

· Draw a heart of glue with a glue gun on the jar.

· Paint the jar with craft paint.

· Fill the jar with candy, flowers, nice notes, whatever you want to share with mom

Step 3: Coupon Books

Building The Perfect Valentine's Day Basket For Mommy
These aren’t anything new, but they can be a lot of fun, and help mom out too. Get some different color construction paper and cut it into quarters. Once you have a few sheets, layer the quarters rotating the different colors and staple them at one end, or punch a hole in the top corner and tie with a ribbon. When your booklet is done, decorate it how you want and fill it with coupons for mom like:

· Free hug.

· Help fold laundry.

· Do dishes.

· Play a game.

· Watch a movie.

· Foot massage.

Step 4: Sweet Treats

Building The Perfect Valentine's Day Basket For Mommy
Valentine’s is a great time to give and receive candy! Make some homemade treats like:

· Marshmallow pops on a stick. Buy large marshmallows, put one sucker stick in each and dip them in chocolate, coconut, M&Ms, decorate them with icing- just go wild!

· Cupcakes with encouraging sayings like, ‘you rock’, ‘I love you’, ‘world’s best mom’.

· Berry Heart Pies- Cut out 2 small-medium pieces of pie dough that are heart shaped. In one cut a smaller heart-shaped hole in the middle. On the other add mom’s favorite fruit filling, place the other pie piece on top, sealing the edges with a fork and bake.

· Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops- Put sucker sticks in the filling part of an Oreo. Then dip the Oreo in white, dark, or milk chocolate and decorate with Valentines candy’s and sprinkles.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to have fun with love. And who better deserves a little love than moms. Take some of these helpful ideas, or create a few of your own and don’t wait until Mother’s Day to make sure you mom knows how much you love her this year!

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