Simple Fruit Plate Design
Simple Fruit Plate Design
Simple Fruit Plate Design
A simple fruit plate is my go to dish for potlucks. It's quick, easy, and I always head home with an empty plate. (a.k.a. folks love fruit!) Putting together a good looking arrangement is successfully simple if you keep these three things in mind:

1. Choose fruits with contrasting colors and shapes. This helps create a visually dynamic 'landscape'.
2. Avoid apples and bananas. They tend to brown quickly, making your plate look dingy.
3. Provide a separate side dish for the rinds and end bits. This will keep them from ending up back on the plate and creating a messy, picked over look.

Optional tips:

- supply a small side dish of tooth picks so those that partake can avoid getting their hands sticky
- make a small side bowl of fresh whipped cream to dip the fruit in

Whichever fruits you end up picking, rest assured that your plate will be a hit!


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