Simple Coconut Chutney

In this instructable Iím going to show you how to make simple coconut chutney. In India chutneys are a major part of our food, as for the coconut chutney it is used or we can say it is eaten with quite a many things and also itís completely fresh and doesn't add to those extra calories. So letís make a lovely morning treat to enjoy with some bread.


Well you can use it as a spread with your bread, can also be eaten with unsalted crackers, usually I cut off the cheese and go with chutneys. So basically you can eat it with anything when you get creative.

So letís cut the talking and get down to work!!


Simple Coconut Chutney

Lets start with getting all the ingredients, for the chutney all you need is-

  • COCONUT ( I have used 3 big chunks )
  • GARLIC ( 6 cloves )
  • SALT
  • GREEN CHILIES ( as you wish, I have used 1 big chilly )

    Step 2: Lets Cut Those Coconuts!!

    Simple Coconut Chutney


    Don't just drop those huge chunks into your blender, cut them into minimal sizes.

    I once had my kitchen walls tasting coconut, forgot to cut them and just threw those huge chunks in the blender. So just a warning to all.

    Step 3: Blend it up!!

    Simple Coconut Chutney

    So just get all the diced ingredients into a blender and blend as long you wish, if its with a sandwich let it be chunky, now sit back and relax while it blends.

    Step 4: Salt !

    Simple Coconut Chutney


    Wait how did I forget the salt, add salt and now you can sit back while it blends. I like my chutney spicy so i added 1 chilli, trust me 1 is a lot, you may want to add only a part of it unless you like it spicy like me.

    Step 5: Consistency

    Simple Coconut Chutney
    Simple Coconut Chutney

    Depending on the consistency you can add water. Well if youíre using it with bread I recommend it to be thick. Once you've blended it enough, voila itís done!


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