How To Make Black Milk Tea (SUGAR FREE!!!)
So , being a MAJOR Otaku (Anime/Manga/Videogame Addict), I must love the Asian tea sensation: Bubble Tea. (Or boba in some weird states) Not having cash, this is the tea part of bubble tea: sweet black milk tea.
This is the sugar free version, but you can substitute with whatever calorie-filled, cavity-inducing death powder you like.

Step 1: Ingredients

How To Make Black Milk Tea (SUGAR FREE!!!)

1) 1 Tbsp Loose black tea leaves, or 2 black tea bags if you want a cheap yet tasteless alternative.
2) 2% Milk (Or half & half/ creamer/ skim/ soymilk)
3) Ice cubes
4) 2 Packets of Splenda/Equal/Sweet 'n Low OR 1 packet of Stevia, I prefer stevia and it is obnoxiously sweeter than sugar or its substitutes.

Mesh Tea brewing spoon
1 Mug
1 Glass
A teaspoon

Step 2: Brewing Black Tea

How To Make Black Milk Tea (SUGAR FREE!!!)
You need to use either loose black tea leaves, or, if you are one of those people who just like a tasteless cup of hot water, a teabag.

I use a mesh teaspoon with one scoop of loose black tea leaves, stirring into hot water, letting it steep for 5-7 minutes. (A teabag should also be 5-7 minutes) Add the sweetener while steeping, stir a few times to dissolve it all.

Note: The longer you let your tea steep, the darker, richer, bolder, and more caffeinated the final product will be.

Step 3: Ice, Milk, Flux Capacitor

How To Make Black Milk Tea (SUGAR FREE!!!)
Now while the tea steeps, take a glass out, fill it 1/4 way with ice, then pour in your milk/creamer enough to just cover the ice. (I use 2% milk.)

Step 4: Pour.

How To Make Black Milk Tea (SUGAR FREE!!!)
Pour the hot tea over the iced milk, stir, enjoy. Now is the best time to pull out your copy of Chobits volume 16.

(I only let the tea steep for about 30 seconds because of the fact this was an instructable. Longer steeping results in a rich, deep, color.)

- Ken

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