Why settle for a pedestrian Grilled Cheese Sandwich, when you can create an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese instead? Remember: "Artisan" = "Better"!

Step 1: The Bread

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Here, I "partner" with my local Boulanger to discuss the virtues of heritage yeast strains. He really 'gets' my well-informed suggestions!"

Procure a fresh loaf of Multi-Grain bread from your favorite bakeshop, as long as it is located within a 20-mile radius. You could substitute bread purchased from a grocery store; just donít try to feed it to me or my children.

Step 2: Slicing

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
"Perfectly imperfect!"

Slice the bread by hand to the desired thickness, as long as you desire the thickness to be between 70-120 millimeters. Discard any slices that appear to be uniform.

Step 3: Judge the Cheese

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
"I have selected this washed-rind sheepís milk cheese; it presented me with an admirable level of indignation.

Judge the cheese. Judgementalism is an extremely important facet of being "Artisan". Cheeses should be judged on demeanor, self-righteousness, and fortitude.

Step 4: Select the Pan

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
"This pan has the Brooklyn-chic aesthetic that I am going for here."

An "Artisan" grilled cheese requires a pan that matches the temperament of the sandwich.

Step 5: Assemble the Sandwich

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Bread, Quince paste, Cheese, Sazon Mas Guapo, Bread.

Step 6: Preparation

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
"Take great care here. Remember: You canít spell 'artisanal' without 'anal'."

"Pan-Crisp" the sandwich in Amish Butter until the cheese is melted and the exterior is golden brown. It is critical that the two sides do not match!

Step 7: Service!

How to make an "Artisan" Grilled Cheese Sandwich
"I am serving my "Artisan" grilled cheese on a "Re-claimed" paper towel roll that is being "Re-purposed" as a plate. Remember: Simply Re-cycling is for the lazy and uncreative!"

Photo-document for the social media platforms, before serving to your guests. Elicit approval from peers, being very careful to not appear too impressed, and Enjoy!


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