How to Make a Apple Owl

These little owls are adorable. And are cute to make for your kids or for Halloween decor

Step 1: What you Need

How to Make a Apple Owl

Your going to need 2 apples one a little smaller than the other. And if you need it maybe a little peanut butter.

Step 2: The Bottom Half

How to Make a Apple Owl

Cut some little notches about 4 on each side for the feathers. if you want them to stick out more add some peanut butter underneath them.

Step 3: Top Half

How to Make a Apple Owl

Cut 2 small circles on the smaller half and then take 2 little circles of pealing and put them in the circles for the eyes.

Step 4: One More Thing

How to Make a Apple Owl

Now put the smaller apple on top of the bigger apple and if you need to put some peanut butter to help them stay.

And thats it hope you enjoy.


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