Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
This Instructable will show you how to make grape juice.
Grape Juice is a bit more simpler to make than wine. Making grape juice is also alot cheaper than buying it.
I would highly recommend you give it a try!

You may need to put your grape juice in the frige or freezer to stop it fermenting.

Step 1: What you will need

Things you will need

A Colander for rinsing the grapes
A Large pan to cook 8 pounds of grapes (this will be used to mash and boil the grapes aswell)
A fine sieve to Strain the mashed grapes
Another large pan to collect the grape juice

Step 2: Pick the grapes

Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
If you don't have grapes, you may need to buy a grape vine or buy Grapes from the store, But that wouldn't be homemade, would it?

Picking grapes:

All you need to do is pinch them at there stem and then put them in a bowl!

You will need a few bowls to carry the grapes back in.

Step 3: Wash and de-stem the grapes

Homemade Grape Juice!
Put the grapes in the sink or basin you have prepared. Next rinse the grapes to get insects and dirt off of them. Then pick the grapes of the stem and put the stems a side, And your done!

Note: Discard Un-ripe grapes.

Step 4: Mash the grapes

Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
Using a potato masher, mash 4lb (pounds) of grapes until the juice has all been squeezed out of them.
You should mash the grapes for about 10 minutes to ensure you have got all the juice out.

Note: your grape juice at the moment may look dull and grey. DON'T WORRY, when cooking the colour and taste will change.

Step 5: Cook the grapes

Homemade Grape Juice!
Put you mashed grapes onto the stove, (in the pan you mashed them in).
Once you have brought the grape juice to the boil allow it to simmer for ten minutes.

Note: Stir occasionally , to stop grapes sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Step 6: Staining the grapes

Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
Now, you will need a fine mesh to strain the grapes which attaches to a tripod. Place the tripod in the large pan and pour the cooked grapes in to it. Let the juice drip though.

Note: You may wan't to leave it over night to get all the juice out.

Step 7: Adding the sugar

Homemade Grape Juice!
Homemade Grape Juice!
The recommended amount for sugar is 3oz per pint, but I wasn't sure so I set up a blind taste test.

I marked had two glasses and put sugared juice in one and un-sugared in the other.
Next I found some suspects and, I being the only one which knew which was sugared asked the suspects to try each one.

Over all sugared won. So I sugared the juice and put them in to a bottle.

Step 8: Drink!

Homemade Grape Juice!
Enjoy you Drink!


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