Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

A quick, easy, and at home way to make your own chocolate milkshakes. I loved when my Dad would make them for me when I was a kid and I still enjoy them just as much today! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For ages 12+ unless accompanied by an adult.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

A working blender with a lid

An ice cream scooper or spoon

Chocolate ice cream of your choosing (I used Edy's Chocolate Fudge Brownie)

At least 1 cup of milk (I used 2% milk, but whichever type of milk you prefer is fine)

A measuring cup

1 or 2 regular drinking cups

A clean table or counter top

Step 2:

Plug blender in on a clean and clear table or counter top and remove the lid.

Step 3:

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes
Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

Use ice cream scooper or spoon to put 5 full scoops of ice cream into blender

Step 4:

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes
Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

Pour 1 to 1 1/2 cups of your milk into measuring cup. Then pour the milk into the blender. Place the lid securely on the blender (You can place your hand on top of the lid to ensure that it stays on).

Note: If you prefer a chunkier or thicker milkshake, add less milk, closer to the 1 cup mark. I used 1 1/2 cups of milk to make it creamier.

Step 5:

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes
Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

Note: For your safety, keep the lid on at all times while blending and never stick hands or any items in blender while turned on!

Press blend and let the ice cream and milk blend together for around 45 seconds, or until it is a smooth and creamy consistency. If it is not creamy enough, blend for another 15 seconds.

Step 6:

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

Once your milkshake is at the perfect texture and consistency for your liking, pour it into a clean cup. If you are using a small cup you may be able to fill 2 cups.

Step 7:

Homemade Chocolate Milkshakes

This is the best step of all, because you are now ready to drink your milkshake! (Or milkshakes if you used 2 cups) You can even add whip cream on top for a little something extra. Now, enjoy!


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