Easy dip.
We wanted a simple easy dip that was inexpensive yet tasty. We love avocados, but they are expensive and not always in season. Bananas are seemingly very much year around. it is also much easier to get the fruit from a banana than to deal with an avocado. The dip may seem strange at first, but you should grow to like it.

Step 1: Ingredients.

Easy dip.
1 - or more Bananas (not with brown spots.)
1/2 - cube ice or a little less per banana.
1/2 - teaspoon per banana Lemon or lime juice for preservation of color.
Crackers, chips, or whatever.

Step 2: Getting naked.

Easy dip.
Not you, the bananas. Remove the peel(s).
Cut into 1/2 inch or so pieces.
Add juice and ice.
Mash till dip consistency you prefer.
Refrigerate and serve as soon as possible.

Note: Wait till the last minute if possible.

Step 3: Feed them.

Easy dip.

Note: you certainly could add other fruit such as raisins whole to make this dip even more interesting.

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