Chocolate Mini Apples

We can buy these small and beautiful apples; they are perfect for chocolate or caramel apples. Now, with Christmas time approaching, it's good to know a few recipes of quickly done sweets. Of course you can use the normal size apples or dunk them in melted caramel. I used chocolate.

Step 1:

Chocolate Mini Apples

You need:

6 small Apples
100 g dark Chocolate

different toppings like "hundred-Thousands",

Chocolate sprinkles,

Sugar Stars,

colorful Sugar sprinkles,



or melted white Chocolate.

6 wooden Skewers

Baking Paper

Step 2:

Chocolate Mini Apples

Put the apples into the fridge while preparing the rest. Chocolate will stick better to the skin if that is cold.

Meanwhile chop the chocolate and melt it in a Bain Marie.

Prepare the toppings in small bowls.

Take the apples from the fridge and push one skewer into each core of the apples.

Step 3:

Chocolate Mini Apples

Now turn the apples in the melted chocolate, so they are covered all over, then lift them up and let excess drip off.

Step 4:

Chocolate Mini Apples
Chocolate Mini Apples

Now turn each apple in your desired topping and stand them up on the baking paper to cool.

Step 5:

Chocolate Mini Apples

Tip:They are not only perfect for Christmas, but also for a party buffet, birthday celebration, Christening or any kind of celebration. Use colors to match the celebration theme, for example, use white chocolate for a Christening.


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